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GothicGecko / Jul 05, 2012
I regret to inform you all, but the Assembly is going to be disbanded.
This was not an easy choice, but a choice that had to be made.
I will be leaving the webpage up, as there is allot of work and writing on that board, and I do not delete other people's writings.
It will be up until the hosting webpage continues to host.
I'll give this letter a week to be seen by the majority before I actually disband the SG.
The chanel will be up for a week as well, so everyone can make sure they have all their contacts.

I had allot of fun with you guys.

I hope you had fun as well.

I'm still here, And still willing to rp with you all.

But I -obviously- don't have the time to lead you all.

I have no clue what anyone wants to do -in character- about this. That is up to each individual player. You guys will have to do what is right for you here.

If you have any questions, feel free to send them to me.

I hope we still get to rp together.

Just under a different setting.

Thank you.
Apygoos / Jun 21, 2012
Release Notes: June 22, 2012
Rampage Alerts!

This week’s release unveils the new “Rampage” Alert type! These unique encounters will feature villains so powerful that they’ll demand a team of 10 heroes of level 35-40! These fights are designed to give a bit more challenge to our long-standing and high-level players, primarily via mechanics which demand more teamwork and more dynamic engagement in the battle. Rewards include Questionite Ore as well as new costume pieces from the featured villains!

Gravitar has arrived for a night on the town in Millennium City! That dreadful diva’s idea of a good time is wreaking total havoc to grab a few headlines! We have managed to contain her to a city block, but we need 10 worthy heroes to go in and subdue her before she breaks free or causes more damage! Are you up to the challenge?

Below is a preview of Gravitar’s unique powers and what they do! You’ll need all the help you can get to take her down!

Force Detonation - Gravitar focuses briefly on a nearby point in space and then unleashes a torrent of force that heavily damages heroes in the area.
Force Eruption - Gravitar blasts away nearby heroes with heavy damage.
Gravity Cascade - Gravitar picks a random target and unleashes a chain of gravity pulses in a line towards her target. She does this up to 3 times in a row depending on her current health.
Gravity Well - After losing enough health Gravitar will begin to create powerful Gravity Wells that pull all heroes toward her before blasting them away for massive damage.
Gravity Bubble - Gravitar suspends heroes in an area in a bubble of gravitational energies and begins channeling a powerful gravity burst which will instantly kill heroes in the area.

Gravitar can knock heroes around with her control of gravitational fields, and beware her biting wit as well – with her knowledge of the hottest runway trends, Gravitar suffers no fashion faux pas!
Lemurian Crisis

Crisis in Lemuria - The UNTIL submarine Aegir is under attack by the villainous sorcerer Aphotha and his aquatic minions! Rendezvous with the Nautilus submarine in Monster Island to effect a heroic rescue of the Aegir and its crew.

After completing this content once, players may access a special daily mission available from the Drifter in Renaissance Center for a Questionite Ore Reward!

Destructibles which were incorrectly awarding Questionite under certain conditions, no longer do so.


Powers: Sorcery: Arcane Vitality: This power now tracks its target properly while being maintained.
Martial Arts: Thundering Kicks: This power should now properly be considered a Combo.
Earth: Fault Line: This power should now be properly considered an AoE Power.


UI: Defeat: A new button has been added to the Defeated window that allows you to call your teammates for help!
Bushido / Jun 20, 2012
[OOC Section]

This is an important announcement, one of which I'm hoping everyone overlooks with care and understands. As we all know, Prodigy Force is a team of heroically inclined teenage characters that attend Viridian Academy. The Academy, to me, has become nothing but a mostly trivial detail that causes more confusion than benefits. For example. I have tried to keep the original set-up set by TASK as much as possible, however, with the details on how it works, new members often get confused on how it works. Common questions are 'How does this school not know?', 'Prodigy Force isn't the Academy?', 'What's the difference between the two?', and even 'So I can't play my character during school hours?'
Due to this, I have spoken to active members before initiating any plans and the decision has been finalized. What you will need to know for your characters is upcoming below in the IC Section.

[IC Section]

Viridian Academy has been shut down for safety reasons for the students that don't possess powers or otherwise are incapable of defending themselves. Due to the enemies Prodigy Force has made, the school has become at risk of threat from various high-class enemies, such as VIPER. All Prodigy Force students and Outreach youth are being transferred to Northside School. The principal is Mr. Reynolds, Secretary is Mrs. Mayweather. Coach Greyson and Thorndyke run the sports program including sports: football, basketball, softball, and soccer. Class starts at 7 A.M and ends at 3 P.M.

[OOC Section]

Here's the arrangement. This public school is something for all players to play with but is not to be governed or managed. The school is to never fall under a threat such as VIPER, Argent, or homicidal nemesis. I will allow things such as:
* NPC Bully
* NPC School Gang
Things of that sort. I will not allow threats that obligate higher-class toons to defend a school. Such as:
* Character Nemesis has taken the entire cafeteria as hostage.
* VIPER comes in guns blazing to draw out the Character that caused them to respond.

So, I ask you to please, keep the side-detail public school detail friendly and tasteful. On another note, there is a poll up coming into concerns for Prodigy Force Colors. I ask you all to participate in that if you wouldn't mind. And the last thing to discuss.

Prodigy Force Itself.

Prodigy Force will no longer be restricted to just Academy students. This will loosen up the roster for more characters to join it. All Outreach students will be joining the roster as well as Neophytes of the Viridian Assembly. We are moving all teenager characters that are not above the age of 18 to Prodigy Force. They can stay in Prodigy Force until the age of 21.
The rank of Alumni will be reworked into 'Field Lead' positions. Once your character has reached the rank of Senior (which can take four months), if they show interest in trying out Field Leadership, notify the current Prodigy force Leader (Rouge Falcon) and she will test for authorization.

Prodigy Force Leader: Rouge Falcon
Prodigy Force Alumni: Vivi, Darkclaw, Midknight

Thank you.